Annual Report 2022 for Carbon Dioxide Emission Accounts of Global Emerging Economies

This annual report provides unique data and references on the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of emerging economies. Compiled by the international expert group Carbon Emission Accounts and Datasets for Emerging Economies (CEADs), the report also plays an important role in guiding the strategic development of low-carbon paths in these economies.

CEADs builds here on the logic and ideas of its 2021 report. It continues to provide emissions data that take into account issues affecting the emissions inventories of emerging economies, including disparities in accounting calibers, opaque accounting methods, missing data, and undifferentiated industrial and regional divisions. It facilitates the comparison of emerging economies at the country, industrial and regional level, and time-series. It also includes updates and improvements to last year’s report, including:

1.The addition of Oceania to the regions covered (Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe), thus further enriching and improving data, including those for small island states;

2.The expansion of CO2 emissions data coverage from 30 to 50 emerging economies (and now over the period 2010 to 2019), while also filling in and improving data at the time series and country scales to enhance timeliness;

3.The inclusion of the Global Carbon Budget data in the comparison of international databases, to enhance the authority of the data comparison and the reliability of data quality control.

The CEADs research team is committed to developing a multi-scale, uniform, full-caliber, transparent, verifiable, long time series, spatially precise carbon emission accounting list for the more than 150 developing countries worldwide. It also aims to continuously improve the timeliness of data from these countries. Towards these goals, CEADs continues to expand the number of carbon emission inventories of emerging economies by means of data crowdfunding to improve the reliability and robustness of data.

The report can be accessed and downloaded freely on this page. Users can explore more data by clicking Data->Global Countries->Emerging Economies section.