Doctor Zongyong Zhang PH.D. STUDENT

Zongyong Zhang

Yong is a Ph.D. Candidate in University of east anglia from 2017. He is in a joint program with Southern university of science and technology in China (co-supervised by Prof. Junguo Liu). He obtained his master degree from Beijinginstitute of technology (2017), and bachelor from Northwest A&F university (2013). He focuses on accounting of China's water datasets at the city, province, and nation levels, including water withdrawal, industrial reused water use, wastewater discharge, principal water pollutants (COD and ammonia nitrogen), and their expanded water-food-energy nexus. He is good at applying statistics and econometrics to analyze environment and energy consumption issues. Yong published in Journal of industrial ecology, Chinese science bulletin et al., and served journals as a reviewer in the field.